Before to know how much can cost a data recovery, we must identify the type of failures

Logical failure

You can hear the hard drive spinning but the computer does not mount it: in this case, you can go to the “Disk manager” on window or in “Disk Utility” on Mac and see that the disk is still recognized but remains inaccessible. A data wipe is considered as a data search*. Contact us immediately.


Electronic failure

The hard drive spins but is slowly recognized by the computer: it's highly recommended in this paticular case to disconnect the hard drive and not to attempt recovery with software, because you might aggravate the situation. Contact us directly.


Mechanical breakdown

The hard drive has stopped, emits strange clicking, clapping or other weird noise. It may be that the hard drive is recognized with different values but remains inaccessible. Unplug your hard drive and contact us for further information.



data recovery

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We want to dedicate ourselves to saving the digital lives of our clients, ensuring the proper functioning of their computer equipment with professionalism and efficiency while maintaining the highest quality standards. We offer to our partners the best benefits for all our commitments.

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Data recovery is our core activity but we treat IT problems of all kind, on all platforms, Mac, Windows, Linux and mobile. We also do installation of automation and monitoring system for home and industry.